Slimming and firmness

For a toned body and smooth curves.
Whether you want to lose a few inches or smooth out your less firm skin, whatever you are worried about, find the answer to taking care of your figure every day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Riposte minceur++


Multi-action slimming serum


Multi-action slimming serum

An exclusive formula for comprehensive slimming:

- Reducing fat deposits: helps eliminate fatty tissue stored under the skin.

- Preventing fat deposits: visibly reduces the appearance of fatty tissue.

- Long-lasting action: prevents the reappearance of cellulite.

The appearance is sharper and fresher, with skin that is visibly smoother and more firm.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Taille de Guêpe

Cryo Modelant


Targeted caffeine

Patented mix of caffeine infused with natural active ingredients: phospholipids and willow bark. This adapted form of caffeine allows for deep penetration. Caffeine is the active ingredient par excellence for anti-cellulite products thanks to its powerful liplytic action (helps reduce fatty stores).

Principe thermo actifPrincipe thermo actifRiposte minceur++Riposte minceur++Fermeté double actionFermeté double actionGalbo-lift corpsGalbo-lift corpsSerum Thermo ActifSerum Thermo Actif

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