Slimming and firmness

For a toned body and smooth curves.
Whether you want to lose a few inches or smooth out your less firm skin, whatever you are worried about, find the answer to taking care of your figure every day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Fermeté double action

Double stretch mark and restructuring action.


With lupine and sunflower extracts.
To make skin firmer and prevent the appearance of stretch marks whilst improving the look of stretch marks which are already there.
Skin is left firmer, with greater elasticity. The appearance of stretch marks is reduced.
Dermatologically tested.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Ciblé minceur et fermeté


Lupin extract

Lupine extract not only increases the synthesis of collagen I (which makes up the majority of collagen and decreases with age), but also encourages the production of high quality collagen which gives the skin its elasticity and firmness.
For toned skin with greater elasticity.

Principe thermo actifPrincipe thermo actifRiposte minceur++Riposte minceur++Fermeté double actionFermeté double actionGalbo-lift corpsGalbo-lift corpsSerum Thermo ActifSerum Thermo Actif

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