Slimming and firmness

For a toned body and smooth curves.
Whether you want to lose a few inches or smooth out your less firm skin, whatever you are worried about, find the answer to taking care of your figure every day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Galbo-lift corps

Belly and waist remodelling cream


With LRT complex.
To refine the stomach and waist, tone and sculpt the stomach, waist and hips and make the skin firmer.
The stomach is left tighter and firmer to redefine the waist, resculpt curves and refine the figure.


For use in addition to:

Gommage douceur


LRT Complex

LRT Complex= Lipolytic/ Refirming/ Tension. Made of grafted silanol (a natural derivative of silicon), caffeine, and extracts of fern and willow bark, this complex strong slimming properties

Principe thermo actifPrincipe thermo actifRiposte minceur++Riposte minceur++Fermeté double actionFermeté double actionGalbo-lift corpsGalbo-lift corpsSerum Thermo ActifSerum Thermo Actif

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