Sun damage and skin ageing are generally pigmentation problems. To prevent blemishes and uncover a radiant, even skin tone, you have to take care of your skin every day.

Blanc fluide

Hydrating, clarifying fluid.

With plant extracts and complex of vitamins E and F.To hydrate and protect the skin from harmful free radicals and reduce the appearance of blemishes, clarifying the complexion.For a consistent, luminous, sparkling complexion. Skin is left smooth and supple.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Solution Clarté et taches

For use in addition to:

Blanc lotion

Blanc gel


extract of white tea

Rich in polyphenols, this extract of white tea combines different actions to reduce cutaneous imperfections (marks, rednesses...). It proposes a global answer to dull complexion helping the skin to recover its radiance, brightness and luminosity

Blanc cureBlanc cureBlanc fluideBlanc fluideConcentré éclat tachesConcentré éclat taches

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