Slimming and firmness

For a toned body and smooth curves.
Whether you want to lose a few inches or smooth out your less firm skin, whatever you are worried about, find the answer to taking care of your figure every day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Serum Thermo Actif

Slimness activator concentrate With Drenalip™.

Its self-heating effect combined with use in massages encourages penetration of the agents used to minimise the appearance of cellulite.
Its plant-based slimming complex, Drenalip™, rich in flavonoids that contribute to a visible reduction of fat stores*and are known to palpably diminish fluid retention, helps visibly combat cellulite.
The figure is enhanced and the skin’s appearance is visibly improved.
* Vitro tests on the active ingredient


As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:


Ciblé minceur et fermeté

Taille de Guêpe

For use in addition to:

Riposte minceur++

Fermeté double action



Drenalip™ is a plant-based product from:
- Astragalus and Solidago, rich in "slimming" flavonoids
- Butcher's-broom: reverses infiltration
- Lemon: vitamin P-like
This patented agent is known for its slimming action:
- stimulates lipolysis (boosts the reduction of fat stores)
- limits adipogenesis (limits the formation of fatty cells)
- improves microcirculation
- increases hair strength.

Principe thermo actifPrincipe thermo actifRiposte minceur++Riposte minceur++Fermeté double actionFermeté double actionGalbo-lift corpsGalbo-lift corpsSerum Thermo ActifSerum Thermo Actif

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