Sun damage and skin ageing are generally pigmentation problems. To prevent blemishes and uncover a radiant, even skin tone, you have to take care of your skin every day.

Concentré éclat taches

Intensive unifying serum

With vitamin C derivatives and plant extracts. Made with synergising active ingredients which have been chosen to make the complexion more even and give it brightness and radiance, reduce the appearance of imperfections and marks on the skin (number and colour).
Brown marks and irregularities appear visibly reduced. The complexion regains its evenness and becomes clearer and brighter.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Solution Clarté et taches

For use in addition to:

Blanc fluide

Blanc gel

Blanc lotion


Stabilised vitamin C

A vitamin C derivative which inhibits tyrosinase (the key enzyme in melanogenesis which controls pigmentation). Delays and prevents the appearance of age blemishes and sunspots.

Blanc cureBlanc cureBlanc fluideBlanc fluideConcentré éclat tachesConcentré éclat taches

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