Dry, dehydrated skin

To meet the needs of dry or dehydrated skins and make tight skin supple again.

HydraluronTM cream

Complete hydration cream.

With hyaluronic acid (as salt) and glasswort extract.
It stimulates the skin's hydration process, both on the surface and deeper in the skin.
To improve and maintain the skin's water reserves.
Skin is intensely rehydrated, more supple, nourished, protected and visibly more beautiful day after day.
Dermatologically tested.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:


For use in addition to:

Masque aux fraises

HydraluronTM serum


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight which allows it to act both in the dermis and the epidermis. It intensively maintains optimum hydration levels in the skin in the long-term, limiting unnecessary water loss and creating a water reservoir in the dermis.

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