Well hydrated skin

It is therefore essential to maintain the balance of water in the skin and protect it against potential damage from the environment and the natural ageing process. To help dry, dehydrated skins, our products give your skin what it needs.

Beauty salon treatments:


HydraluronTM creamHydraluron<sup>TM</sup> creamHydraluronTM serumHydraluron<sup>TM</sup> serumNutri-minérale creamNutri-minérale creamNutri-minérale emulsionNutri-minérale emulsionNutri-minérale maskNutri-minérale maskCrème n°4Crème n°4Masque aux fraisesMasque aux fraisesHydra-nourrissantHydra-nourrissant

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