Simone MAHLER is above all the story of a visionary woman, inspired by beauty. Married to a chemical engineer, it was medicine that first attracted her, but in the end she focused on beauty, which was much more accessible to women at that time.

In 1939, she opened a treatment salon in her apartment in Bagnères de Bigorre. Then in 1946 she created her own brand of cosmetics and opened her first clinic in Bordeaux, which is still there todayl’institut Pilote de la chaîne.
In 1950, a second clinic was opened right in Bordeaux town centre, then two others in Toulouse and Bayonne.

The manufacture of these products reached an industrial level and at the end of the 1960s she put in place the first franchised network of beauty clinics.

A true pioneer of modern aesthetic beauty, from the start she nurtured an original and personalized approach to beauty, with amongst other things, the beauty prescription. She developed and proposed exclusive methods, products and treatments, combining high technology with sensory indulgence, aiming to give every woman exactly what she is looking for. This approach soon became the brand’s signature.

In 2001, the company joined the group Sothys International, a leading professional cosmetics, and is positioned as the brand's technical group.

In 2016, the company Simone Mahler resumed its independence and no longer part of the Sothys International Group.

The Simone MAHLER brand still carries the name of its founder today: an exceptional woman with an indisputable passion for beauty.


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