When skin loses its density and can no longer protect itself as efficiently against the stresses of daily life, you need these treatments to act deeper in the skin and stimulate collagen production, which retonifies the skin.

Skin GravityTM crème

Firming and plumping cream.

With iris stem cells.

To firm up and redensify the skin, improve its elasticity and protect collagen and elastin fibres from deterioration.

The skin recovers firmness, appears more “plumped-up” and the face appears redefined.

Available in eco-refill


Stem cells of Iris

Sacred plant in ancient Egypt, pale Iris is grown for its original essence and its medicinal properties from Antiquity. Stem cells of Iris are used in cosmetics as anti-aging, firming, densifying, replenish, they help to strengthen the resistance of the skin.

Réponse absolue maskRéponse absolue maskGalbo-liftGalbo-liftSkin GravityTM crèmeSkin Gravity<sup>TM</sup> crèmeSkin GravityTM sérumSkin Gravity<sup>TM</sup> sérum

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