As the skin ages, the renewal of its cells slows down. The accumulated dead skin cells give a dull complexion. The skin loss of its tonicity and tends to slacken. Progressivelly the volumes and the appearence of skin changing whereas the wrinkles increase…

Actilift 3S, ACTILIFT 3S, youth activator, radiance revealer !

Unique how-know for lifting effect* without surgery !

Actilift 3S associates 4 technologies to assist you in the fight against the time effects:

1. Firm up :

The controlled radio frequency helps to redensify the skin by favoring the collagen and elastin production

2. Revitalize

Combined with the sequential ultrasounds, luminology acts as a light energy with an invigorating action

3. Revive the radiance

The ultra-vibration spatula helps to clean the skin thoroughly and eliminate dead skin cells

4. Smooth

The sequential ultrasounds generate a micro-modelling which enables to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles


Anti-ageing treatment protocols to reduce all visible signs of skin ageing (lines and wrinkles, loss of fulness, lifeless skin, lack of radiance…). Discover our Prevented Anti-ageing and Mature Skin face care using Actlift 3S technology.

Specific treatment protocals to address different kinds of concerns (eye contour, blemishes,…)
In complementary, targeted treatment modules: neck, oval of the face, eyes, redness

* Cosmetic lifting effect


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