Highly nutritious anti-ageing

Anti-ageing and protective products with a rich texture to soothe dry or dull skin.

Age Nutri² Sérum

Intensely nourishing and revitalising serum

With flower oil and brown algae extract.
Combines active ingredients chosen to fortify the skin’s essential reserves in lipids, thoroughly nourish and soften it, enhance the skin’s functions and act on factors in the appearance of visible signs of aging.
Smooth and silky, your skin glows with renewed softness. It is radiant, bursting with vitality and looks visibly younger.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Soin Signature Anti-Âge


Flower oil complex

Under the snow of January on the island of Oshima in Japan, the first flower that blossoms is the flower of Camellia, symbol of immortality in Japan. They produce a precious oil long used by the Japanese for its virtues against time. Very soft, vegetable oil of Camellia has nourishing properties, softening, renewing and anti-aging thanks to its particularly high monounsaturated fat content. It is perfectly suitable for mature and damaged skin care giving flexibility and elasticity.

Crème de vieCrème de vieCrème cardinaleCrème cardinaleAge Nutri² SérumAge Nutri² SérumAge Nutri² CrèmeAge Nutri² Crème

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