There's nothing like exfoliation to give you an even, radiant glow and prepare the skin for treatments.

Exfoliant double action

Radiance and softness for the face.


With exfoliating micro-spheres and malic acid.
Instantly exfoliates the skin and eliminates dead cells and impurities.
Its creamy texture and tonic perfume gives a gentle exfoliation and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.
Your complexion's radiance and luminosity are uncovered, skin is clear, soft and comfortable.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Peeling Pro

For use in addition to:

Tonic rose


Jojoba microspheres

Micro beads of jojoba wax, a vegetable exfoliant which gives an efficient, yet gentle scrub.
Jojoba is a shrub which originates in Arizona and Mexico where it is cultivated for the wax, commonly known as "jojoba oil", which is contained in its seeds. This wax has hydrating, softening and protective properties, amongst others.

Désincrustation végétaleDésincrustation végétaleExfoliant double actionExfoliant double actionGommage EnzymatiqueGommage Enzymatique

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