Highly nutritious anti-ageing

Anti-ageing and protective products with a rich texture to soothe dry or dull skin.

Crème de vie

Revitalising renewing complex.

With A, E, F, and PP vitamins and extract of chlorella algae.
Promotes cell renewal to revitalise tissues and regenerate the skin.
Skin is left more toned and with a newly radiance.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

The modelage Simone MAHLER


Chlorella seaweed extract

Taken from fresh water micro algae (chlorella) which are a source of essential nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Apart from its nutritional properties, its effect on collagen and elastin synthesis also make it a favourite cosmetic ingredient for anti-ageing products.

Crème de vieCrème de vieCrème cardinaleCrème cardinaleAge Nutri² SérumAge Nutri² SérumAge Nutri² CrèmeAge Nutri² Crème

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