New : Sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin , the new range Simone MAHLER

In the course of the day, the skin may suffer attacks from an aggressive environment.
Some skins, referred to as sensitive or reactive, are particularly subject to outside aggression (cold, pollution, heat, smoke) because they are hypersensitive to stimuli. They tend to react more intensely than normal skins, hence the reactions that may occur (redness, inflammation or tightness).

To reduce these excessive responses of sensitive skins and fortify them, Simone MAHLER has designed the SENSITIVE SKIN product line composed of a cream and a serum : 2 products containing soothing, protective, fortifying substances that have been formulated to respect sensitive, reactive skins and help to restore softness and calmness. Simone MAHLER SENSITIVE SKIN products are fragrance and colouring- free and have been tested on reactive skins under dermatological control.


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